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9/26 - 9/29, 2024


Heritage Plaza in Mountain Village

Fuel your passion for cars, colors and the arts!

The Fine Arts Festival located in Heritage Plaza in Mountain Village highlights a select group of fine art vendors. Car lovers and art lovers alike can stroll around Heritage Plaza and feast their eyes on fine jewelry, paintings, photography, ceramics, metalwork and much, much more. Whether you’re coming from the Concours on the Golf Course or just passing through, the Fine Arts Festival is open to the public to enjoy!

Thursday, September 26, 4:00PM-7:00PM
Friday, September 27, 9:30AM-5:30PM
Saturday, September 28, 9:30AM-5:30PM
Sunday, September 29, 9:30AM-3:00PM
Artist Testimonials:

“As an artist at (Cars and Colors)Telluride Autumn Classic in Telluride Colorado, I’d like to express what an enjoyable experience it was for me. Hats off to the organizers who were friendly, organized and responsive. I sold enough of my artwork to ensure that I will return in 2022. It was a long drive for me but in the end well worth it. There was an ample amount of high end buyers spending money in my booth. I really enjoyed Telluride and explored some of the many great restaurants in town. The art show is held in Mountain Village which is beautiful and the scenery around Telluride can not be beat.”
Loren Feldman- Feldman Custom Knives

“This was my first year attending the Telluride Autumn Classic Fine Arts Show and it is now one of my favorites! Mountain Village in Telluride is an idyllic setting for this boutique high end art festival. Qualified buyers, great location and the artist selection was so diverse and well thought out. I highly recommend this art show and being an artist it lands in my top 5 art shows to participate in!”
Ray Tigerman- Ray Tigerman Studios- Tubac AZ
“Telluride Cars and Colors/Fine Art & Sculpture Show is a GREAT! new show, in Telluride, Colorado, which takes place at the the top of Mountain Village. It’s a smaller show, more of boutique ‘collectors’ event, and my new favorite show. Although the numbers of attendees is lower than what you would expect from usual, larger shows, the ratio of discerning, qualified buyers is higher than I’ve seen at any show. The setting is fantastic, at the base of the lifts, 360 degree views of the Telluride Valley, free gondola ride access into Telluride, with many amazing restaurants and breweries to choose from. The time of year is at the peak of the Fall color change, and I was blown away by the intensity of the brilliant colors! Being from Utah, that’s saying something! Lodging accommodations are reasonable for a high end location, and Artists have VIP access to the Cars and Colors events which cater to collectors of vintage exotic sports cars. This gem of a show is destined to become one of the most sought after shows for Artists and Collectors!”
-Craig Terry-, Craig Terry Modern
“The Telluride Autumn Classic Fine Arts Festival is one of the best in the nation! The folks that run the show are there to care for and support the artists. It is very well organized. Load in and load out were a breeze!  We met good qualified buyers and plan to be back again next year for sure!
Stephen & Pamela Hackley- hackleyfineart- Richardson Texas

Meet some of the 2024 Telluride Autumn Classic Fine Arts Artists!

Loren Feldman
Jewelry/Custom Knives
I hand make knives with dino bone, rare gems & minerals & mammoth tusk. American Damascus & meteorite blades (4.6 billion yrs old from the core of another planet). Knife stands from same rare material
Arturo Garcia
Using palette knives, I create oil paintings on canvas. The result is a relief technique where oil paint protrudes making the layers thick enough to cast their own shadows onto the canvas.
Meg Harper
Mixed Media
Various upcycled materials are transformed for painting with 6 steps, then joy based palette applied, finally sealed with a UV protectant. All paintings on metal are suitable for outdoor use.

John Hoyt


Contemporary art vessels and sculptures. Created from old growth burl-wood. My pieces invoke thoughts of water in motion, floral shapes or fugal bodies. Each, hand carved with a hand rubbed finish.
Marshall & Jerry Locke
A variety of natural stone is cut, finished, and assembled to create three dimensional mountain landscape. Natural colors and textures of stone take the viewer on a journey into the mountains.
Bert Poling
Wood turning specializing in hollow form vessels using natural semi precious minerals for inlay work. I look for unusual wood specimens with defects from their natural environment for the inlay work.
Magenta Reynolds
My work is hand crafted with the hides of elk & deer that I hunt in Montana, process into full grain leather, then craft into wearable art. I personally design, bead, and construct each piece by hand.

Kevin Miles & Wendy Schaefer-Miles

The oil paintings are layers of jewel-like colors with rich impasto paint over transparent atmospheric layers applied directly on triple-primed and stretched canvas- drawings developed from travels.
Jason Sharp
I utilize an amalgam of hand tooled and machine work on hand selected woods to create heirlooms.
Matthew Sievers
I use random tools to create emotion in my oils. Scraping, dripping and brushing natural colors to have a true feel with energy in the mark making.
Douglas Wodark
I use traditional oil techniques on linen. The iconic image of cowboys, native Americans and animals in a more contemporary light.
Jessica Wright
With acrylic paint I throw, drizzle with the chopstick and use my fingers to create modern & vivid, Colorado landscapes.

Chad Aldridge

Mixed Media

All blades start as raw steel and are layered and hand forged to form a Damascus knife. Each blade and pattern is unique, paired with a hardwood handle. The final blade edge determined by use.

Buffy Andrews


My figure and Koi drawings are Prismacolor Pencils on mulberry or watercolor papers. The are sealed in encaustic wax. I create encaustic mixed media abstracts with various papers and objects.

Tabitha Bogard

Mixed Media

I paint with acrylic then add 3D, light-reflective illusion film to create the impression of depth and movement. The objective: Create kinetic works that elicit unique perceptions from each viewer.

Nadine Booth
Using all forms, colors of fused glass, I create depth and texture within glass. Multiple kiln sessions, torch work and cold work complete the scene. Mounted on aluminum or a display stand.

Abigail Brown


Porcelain functional ware, with custom, bright, mid-range glazes. Wheel thrown, with surface textures and designs inspired by nature. Designed for function, finished to express beauty.

Lizbeth Doran
Hand loomed semi precious gemstones infusing each piece with a personal touch. My craft extends to metal smithing with recycled sterling silver where I created earrings, findings and closure buttons.
Miriam Dubinsky
Mixed Media
I am a printmaker and painter utilizing screen printing as well as several other water based medias to make collages, prints and paintings.
Lea Elder
Mixed Media
Resin on wood, mixed with different mediums such as powder pigments, alcohol ink, glass paints, acrylic, crystals, natural material from the ocean, dried flowers, in pouring and drawing techniques.
Paul Gray

I create my paintings using size 2,4, and 6 size round sable/synthetic brushes with the occasional large round for bigger washes using watercolors on aquabord or Arches cold/ hot press 140# paper.

Tristan Johns

My photography is specific to the elegance of equine. Photographing wild horses to pristine domestic horses. Photos are printed on metal with a float mount hanger.

Candice Kiesow

Candice uses traditional metalsmithing techniques and metal clay. She uses pearls & stones in her unique designs. Her work has been described as earthy, organic, and wonderful to wear.

M & J Krob
Mixed Media/Metal

Each piece of artwork is plasma cut from cold steel. It is then hand ground using a variety of techniques, giving it texture and distinction. The coloring is torched, etched and baked clear.

Dave Lawicka


I specialize in sports action, Landscape and Light Painting photography.


Chris Loncarich


We create one of a kind pieces out of local woods, such as Tamarisk, burnt cedar, pinyon. Unique items such as mirrors, lamps, coat racks, cutting board, and candle holders.

Brianna Martray
Drawings with graphite, charcoal and ink. Explorations of possible and impossible landscapes. I often think of myself as world building. A sort of hybrid architectural/organic vision of tomorrow.
Morgan McCue
I use liquid watercolor pigments on 300lb cold-pressed Fabriano watercolor paper. I start with loose, bold strokes then tight details. The effect is a combination of realism and watery impressionism.
Christine Adele Moore
I work with an acrylic paint layering process on canvas. While my subject matter varies, the intent remains the same: to cultivate and inspire peace joy, gratitude, and love.
Jonathan Noon
I paint realistic oil paintings depicting the American west. Figures, animals and landscapes.
Alexander Quirk
Austin-based artist that focuses on nature inspired, whimsical art through various art mediums including woodcut blockprints, linocut prints, gauche landscape paintings, pressed flower pieces and more
John Richter
The finest archival photographs face mounted to UV acrylic. Images captured using large format 4×5 film and hi-res digital formats.
Amanda Snyder
I work with acrylics on canvas. Painting from vintage photographs, I look for images that bring me joy or a moment I want to connect with more emotionally.
Sharon Spillar
My contemporary abstract paintings are a reflection of my inner world. I use color, shape, and form to express my emotions, thoughts, and experiences.

Colton Swidereck

Mixed Media

I create one of a kind pieces of art and home decor by combining stone and steel. Much of my art incorporates a one of kind stone inlay technique using 100% mined from the earth stones, gems, & fossil.
Jill Vatter
My designs blend ethically sourced metals and stones with handcrafted techniques to create mountain-inspired jewelry, echoing the raw beauty of Wyoming.
Leigh Waggoner
Mixed Media
I hand cut marble, stone, and Italian smalti to embed in mortar as well as stained glass & miscellany. I often create 3 dimensional substrates. Andamento, color, and empty space feature in my work.
Laura Wandry
Sterling silver & 18 k gold. Using different gauges of sheet I create depth & 3 dimensions. Using tools& oxide I make different finishes, I sand & polish for high shine, mixing mat & shiny surfaces.
Megan Weeks
My desire for my artwork is to push the ideas of what leather tooling can be. Tooling is a traditional art of carving and stamping designs on leather, I then use paints and stains for a unique finish.
Jason Weiss
I photograph atop the highest peaks on Earth without the use of drones. Climbing on month-long expeditions above 20,000 feet, I capture rare compositions in the most extreme environments on Earth.
Joshua Weiss
Fine Art Photos using photo stitching, focus stacking, bracketing, & long exposure techniques to bring the viewer into the landscape as if they were there & final resolutions better than a television.
Tim Zandee
Giant high-end prints mounted on metal or wood. No manipulation is used.

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