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9/26 - 9/29, 2024


Heritage Plaza in Mountain Village

Fuel your passion for cars, colors and the arts!

The Fine Arts Festival located in Heritage Plaza in Mountain Village highlights a select group of fine art vendors. Car lovers and art lovers alike can stroll around Heritage Plaza and feast their eyes on fine jewelry, paintings, photography, ceramics, metalwork and much, much more. Whether you’re coming from the Concours on the Golf Course or just passing through, the Fine Arts Festival is open to the public to enjoy!

Thursday, September 26, 4:00PM-7:00PM
Friday, September 27, 9:30AM-5:30PM
Saturday, September 28, 9:30AM-5:30PM
Sunday, September 29, 9:30AM-3:00PM
Artist Testimonials:

“As an artist at (Cars and Colors)Telluride Autumn Classic in Telluride Colorado, I’d like to express what an enjoyable experience it was for me. Hats off to the organizers who were friendly, organized and responsive. I sold enough of my artwork to ensure that I will return in 2022. It was a long drive for me but in the end well worth it. There was an ample amount of high end buyers spending money in my booth. I really enjoyed Telluride and explored some of the many great restaurants in town. The art show is held in Mountain Village which is beautiful and the scenery around Telluride can not be beat.”
Loren Feldman- Feldman Custom Knives

“This was my first year attending the Telluride Autumn Classic Fine Arts Show and it is now one of my favorites! Mountain Village in Telluride is an idyllic setting for this boutique high end art festival. Qualified buyers, great location and the artist selection was so diverse and well thought out. I highly recommend this art show and being an artist it lands in my top 5 art shows to participate in!”
Ray Tigerman- Ray Tigerman Studios- Tubac AZ
“Telluride Cars and Colors/Fine Art & Sculpture Show is a GREAT! new show, in Telluride, Colorado, which takes place at the the top of Mountain Village. It’s a smaller show, more of boutique ‘collectors’ event, and my new favorite show. Although the numbers of attendees is lower than what you would expect from usual, larger shows, the ratio of discerning, qualified buyers is higher than I’ve seen at any show. The setting is fantastic, at the base of the lifts, 360 degree views of the Telluride Valley, free gondola ride access into Telluride, with many amazing restaurants and breweries to choose from. The time of year is at the peak of the Fall color change, and I was blown away by the intensity of the brilliant colors! Being from Utah, that’s saying something! Lodging accommodations are reasonable for a high end location, and Artists have VIP access to the Cars and Colors events which cater to collectors of vintage exotic sports cars. This gem of a show is destined to become one of the most sought after shows for Artists and Collectors!”
-Craig Terry-, Craig Terry Modern
“The Telluride Autumn Classic Fine Arts Festival is one of the best in the nation! The folks that run the show are there to care for and support the artists. It is very well organized. Load in and load out were a breeze!  We met good qualified buyers and plan to be back again next year for sure!
Stephen & Pamela Hackley- hackleyfineart- Richardson Texas


Meet some of the Telluride Autumn Classic Fine Arts Artists from 2023!

Jude Biscoff-Painter
Nature dances across my paintings like a fat bellied fish in a mountain stream. The rhythm and energy created when painting on site delivers to the viewer of my paintings a world of happiness and joy.
Mary Filapek- Two Dimensional
We create drawings in ink and colored pencil on maps and charts which we mount to wood panels that we have painted with acrylic paint.
Stephen Hackley
I paint in acrylic on canvas, wood, plexiglass and copper using a heavily textured painting method I developed. Some of my work is also gilded in copper. My work draws mainly from nature (but not limited to nature) and is colorful and full of motion.
Meg Harper-Mixed Media
Deep Shadow box 3D. Dramatically painted sky background with free standing industrial meets modern aspens. Textured and glazed copper mountains. Mood lighting at night with LED’s for accentuated sunset effect. Wall or shelf mount. 

Josh Hirt- Mixed Media- Josh Hirt Studios-

Josh Hirt Studios specializes in Mixed Media artistry, metal work, wood bending and abstract imagery.

As a former builder of the new and shiny,  Josh has an ironic, yet deep, appreciation for forgotten structures left to the harsh elements of time and nature.  He believes there is wonderful beauty in decay, which exists all around us, as well as within.  His drive is to present these unique relics in a way that not only tells their story, but shows them in a new light and in their current state of glory.

Beth Houts- Photography
I refurbish vintage items, (ex: window sash) for an artist made frame. I print my images of wild animals on canvas and hand stretch the canvas to the item to make a complete unique piece.

John Hoyt- Sculpture

Contemporary art vessels and sculptures. Created from the remnants of old growth forest lost long ago. I work with burlwood that has undergone the changes that occur after years of harsh conditions. Each piece is hand carved with a traditional hand rubbed finish. 
Marshall & Jerry Locke
Mountain Sculpture Studios
“A variety of natural stone is cut, finished, and assembled to create three dimensional mountain landscape. Natural colors and textures of stone take the viewer on a journey into the mountains.”
Bert Poling- Mixed Media
As a self taught wood turner I create vessels that are simple in form yet finely detailed. I work with materials that exhibit defects as a result of their natural environment — weather, fire, insects etc. I use a variety of natural minerals such as turquoise for inlay and use a variety of finishes. 
Candice Rodriguez-Adams- Mixed Media

Nature is the driving force behind my artwork. I am constantly exploring the relationship between nature and change through the cyanotypes process.



Michael Schuessler-Painter

Schuessler Studios

Michael has been a contemporary artist for over 35 years, having several galleries, one in Denver and the other in the Florida Keys. He has collectors all over the world. They are drawn to his very unique medium, pastels on canvas. And, currently, now incorporating a new series of of resin over the canvas, with Gold Leaf, to create a glass like, one of a kind stunning effect.

“My medium is chalk pastel on raw, untreated canvas which I bind together with acrylic bonding agent. This is accomplished in a series of transparent layers. As a result light striking the canvas is absorbed rather than reflected. This illusion creates the effect of self-generated light, changing from morning to night. This facilitates the true spirit of the pigments to the surface in an ever-changing palette of color.”

Sherry Little Fawn Schuessler- Nature Photographer- Schuessler Studios.

Sherry Little Fawn Schuessler has been a photographer for over 30 years. Specializing in Landscape and Nature/Wildlife Photography

Sherry’s photography has been featured in the International Library of Photography for her Black and White piece “Waiting for Daddy”. In May 2013, her photo “Seasons” was selected (out of 10,000 entries- 50 were selected) for the exhibition (I’ll be your mirror) for the 1650 Gallery Juried Photography Exhibition in Los Angeles. Sherry’s work can be seen on the front cover of several publications:
Magazine Highlands Ranch Lifestyles Aug. edition with her special dog photography. Also on the cover of the book “Apache Shaman’s Journey” by Priscilla Wolf. Her German Shepherd Photography can be seen several times in the new book “The complete guide to German Shepherds” By David Daigneault and in the book “Old Dog” by Dr. Joanna De Klerk both on

Sherry Little Fawn Photography

Jason Sharp- Mixed Media
I utilize an amalgam of hand tooled and machine work on hand selected woods to create heirloom pieces. 
Matthew Sievers- Painting
I use various tools to apply oil paint in several transparent layers. 
Craig Terry
Craig Terry Modern
My Mixed Media paintings are created using commercial printing ink, enamel paint, and sulphuric oxides on steel, canvas, and birch panel supports. A ‘raw-ness’ is achieved by using industrial materials in an artistic context.
Lou Ann Townsend- Jewelry
Fabricated jewelry created using sterling silver and powder coated base metals. All metal work and powder coating performed by us in our studio.
Jessica Wright – Painter
With acrylic paint I throw, drizzle with a chopstick or use my hands to create vivid Colorado landscapes
Jason Dean
I use various types of metal by welding or soldering them together. All of my pieces are sculpted into a light source. I use LED Edison bulbs.
Elizabeth Dryden
Breaking down subjects and themes into a magical exploration of color and shape, I attempt to portray the natural beauty of the American Southwest by further exploring cacti and various desert inhabitants in bright, and vibrant scenes, exposing the paradoxes between longstanding traditional ideals
Arturo Garcia
Using palette knives, I create oil paintings on canvas. The result is a relief technique where oil paint protrudes making the layers thick enough to cast their own shadows onto the canvas.
Cameron Gardner
I strive to connect with the subject matter I’m portraying at the moment of capture and immediacy, and discover a deeper meaning and imbue a personal statement within each piece. I paint a variety of subjects including landscapes, still life, and nature using oil on canvas.
Kyle Goldstein
 I make functional pottery and sculptural vases. Functional pottery is art that you use on a daily basis. The joy in my work is the pot reveals its beauty over time.

Cary Henrie

Unique gleaming metallic acrylic on shiny Lucite mirrors. Hand-painted acrylic in abstract strokes on mirror, combined with layers of imprinted photographic elements. Each image is then finished with additional layers of paint and a UV resistant gloss varnish.
Amy Leiner
Color,texture,shape,sparkle, layers–Every found thread,tulle, suede,silk, & feather is used.The juxtaposition of these elements create the structure of my aesthetic.I obsessively play w/ these handmade fiber elements weaving,spinning,braiding, knotting,dying&combining into clashing color-softdreads
Travis Lemon
Metal Lemon Artistry

My goal is to make creations that are interesting and one-of-a-kind. Without a doubt no two items of mine are alike as I believe that custom creation carries the most meaning.
Henry Levine
I blow hot glass in a continuous start to finish process. I roll a small bubble of glass in pie pans of frit glass to add color before I blow and shape the piece. Handles, feet and decorative bits are added while the piece is hot. Lids are made separately to fit.


Marie MaCallum
My interest in projected self-image shows up in my depictions of storefronts, clothing and automobiles. Much of my technique is informed by my former occupation as a trompe l’oeil painter and sign artist. I work in oil on canvas or cradled birch, sometimes utilizing gold or silver leaf.

Tori Meyer

My trademark rustic palette, use of layering, and deliberate brush strokes, create depth and life. As I’m painting, my emotions tend to show up on the canvas. So what may start out as a black and white charcoal, could end up as a brightly colored painting.

Kevin Miles & Wendy Schaefer-Miles

A husband and wife duo that is dedicated to capturing the beauty of nature in their oil paintings. Their Neo-Impressionist paintings show a unique combination of vibrant colors and close attention to detail that truly brings the natural world to life on canvas.
Jason Nelson
I use thick brushstrokes of oil paint on canvas to capture seascape and landscapes with an impressionist style.
Lynette Nichols
Detailed unique drawings using acrylic, archival ink & some colored pencil on various materials including canvas, stone & wood, blending designs influenced by various native cultures & a deep bond with the natural world. A personal perspective of the depth and texture hidden within nature.
Anna Pausch
Functional and Fine Art Woodblock Prints and Home Decor that is hand carved, printed and sewn by artist. Depicting native Botanical and Landscapes imagery made with Mother Earth in mind.
Magenta Reynolds
I design, cut, sew, and bead jewelry and accessories using elk and deer leather that I hunt and process in Montana. Each Leather Sage item is personally handcrafted by me, from the initial harvest to the finished piece. I’m 8 years self-taught in leatherwork and loom beading.
James Sandoval
Custom, handcrafted jewelry made from Sterling Silver, 14k Gold, and Platinum. Pieces can be built with diamonds or gemstones and can be completely customized. All pieces are inlaid with a variety of stones such as Opal, Jade, Turquoise, Sugilite, Lapis, Shell, and much more.
Mitchell Sandvig
Created with Glass and Solid Reclaimed Hardwoods hand crafted,sculpted and built with Old World Joinery with absolutely no screws or nails. Every single piece is on of a kind.


Jonathan Stopper
Each piece of jewelry that I create is a miniature sculpture designed and made to be worn. All work from the initial design to the final polish is done by myself without any outsourcing or CAD.
Dana Voorhees

Hand-fabricated designs, with high grade gemstones set in sterling silver. Each set is one of a kind, and may include vintage or collector components along with organic materials or leather
Shelly Wayne
Southern Utah desert & Native American culture photography. Limited edition prints on high quality metal or museum quality canvas. Minimal editing: No photoshop. Images taken in remote desert locations or during family attended powwow events:Printed commercially w/ permission from tribal members.
Douglas Wodark
I use traditional oil techniques on linen. The iconic image of cowboys, native Americans and animals in a more contemporary light.

Cindi Yaklich

I am an explorer and storyteller who uncovers the rich histories within the quiet, quotidian objects tucked around us, so often overlooked. Traditional oil paint on extra-fine linen canvas from Belgium — honor the tradition of realist art.

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