San Juan Mountain Region

Motor along one of America’s most scenic byways for the Million Dollar Highway Road Rally!

Enjoy a little competition as you drive along this picturesque, jagged and marvel of a 240-mile loop, called the Million Dollar Highway. The Autumn Classic Rally Master sets a time-to-match and the Rally participant with the time closest to our Rally Master’s secret time wins the grand prize! The Rally Master could stop for gas, stop to take photos of all the great scenery, stop for a brief snack or a long lunch – their time is a mystery until the announcement of the winner.

This event is available to all 4-day and 4-day VIP ticket holders.
The Process:
  • The Autumn Classic Rally Master drives the loop along the Million Dollar Highway to establish a time for the Rally participants to match.
  • The Rally participants drive the same loop the Rally Master drives
  • The journey begins at the Autumn Classic Lounge during the Morning Revv event on Friday, between 9-10am.
  • All participants must “punch” the Rally timecard to note their start time before heading out
  • All Road Rally participants must return to the Telluride Regional Airport by 4p to “punch” the Rally timecard to note their return time.
  • The Autumn Classic team will collect the odometer at the start and finish to make sure you enjoyed the entire loop
  • Please note, no other time, speed or destination restrictions are applicable other than the towns you will be passing through on the journey: Mountain Village, Placerville, Ridgway, Ouray, Silverton, Durango, Mancos, Dolores and Rico
The Journey:
  • Start your engines, the 240-mile journey starts at the Autumn Classic Lounge
  • Head towards the San Juan Skyway Scenic Byway — from Mountain Village Blvd travel highway 145 along the San Miguel River through Placerville before turning onto Hwy 62 over the Dallas Divide
  • Continue through Ridgway joining Hwy 550 through Ouray, over Red Mountain Pass, past Silverton, over the Million Dollar Highway and into Durango
  • Take Hwy 160 to Mancos before heading north to Dolores and Rico
  • The loop comes back around towards the Town of Telluride — head towards the Telluride Regional Airport to “punch” the Rally Time Card! The cut off time is 4p

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