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Heritage Plaza in Mountain Village

Fuel your passion for cars, colors and the arts!

The Fine Arts & Sculpture Festival located in Heritage Plaza in Mountain Village highlights a select group of fine art vendors. Car lovers and art lovers alike can stroll around Heritage Plaza and feast their eyes on fine jewelry, paintings, photography, ceramics, metalwork and much, much more. Whether you’re coming from the Concours on the Golf Course or just passing through, the Fine Arts & Sculpture Festival is open to the public to enjoy!

Vendor applications for this event are OPEN NOW through ZAPP.

Friday, September 23, 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday, September 24, 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Sunday, September 25, 10:00 AM- 3:00 PM

Are you an artists? Would you like to participate in this high end boutique arts festival? Use the link below and apply today!

Application deadline is May 31, 2022.

Meet some of the Telluride Autumn Classic Fine Arts Artists from 2021!

Michael Schuessler- Schuessler Studios

Michael Schuessler is one of the most talented artists in the Rocky Mountain region, anywhere as a matter of fact. His ethereal images, celestial in their depictions of fanciful images in cloud like forms, take you to another heavenly place, beyond reality but identifiable to the most casual viewer.

Sherry Little Fawn Schuessler- Nature Photographer- Schuessler Studios.

Sherry Little Fawn Schuessler has been a photographer for over 30 years. Specializing in Landscape and Nature/Wildlife Photography. Sherry’s work can be seen on the front cover of several publications: Magazine Highlands Ranch Lifestyles Aug. edition with her special dog photography. Also on the cover of the book “Apache Shaman’s Journey” by Priscilla Wolf. Her German Shepherd Photography can be seen several times in the new book “The complete guide to German Shepherds” By David Daigneault and in the book “Old Dog” by Dr. Joanna De Klerk.

Josh Hirt- Mixed Media- Josh Hirt Studios-

Josh Hirt Studios specializes in Mixed Media artistry, metal work, wood bending and abstract imagery.

As a former builder of the new and shiny,  Josh has an ironic, yet deep, appreciation for forgotten structures left to the harsh elements of time and nature.  He believes there is wonderful beauty in decay, which exists all around us, as well as within.  His drive is to present these unique relics in a way that not only tells their story, but shows them in a new light and in their current state of glory.

John Hirt

Ray Tigerman- Medium- Acrylic Paint with Palette knife on canvas or board.

Born in 1971 in the high desert of Nevada, Ray was influenced at an early age by the works of Georgia O’Keeffe, Lawrence Lee and Ed Mell. Spending his youth recreating the vibrant landscapes and subjects that he was constantly surrounded by with a fervor, and entering and winning numerous school and local art shows. The evolution of his work continues to emerge through his passion, understanding and depiction of the indigenous southwestern people and wildlife in their dramatic environment.

Loren Feldman-Feldman Custom Knives-

I use the finest specimens of unique and rare materials and most are natural minerals and gems. The American carbon and stainless steel Damascus knives are forged for strength. These knives hold a razor sharp edge very well. Call or text Loren at 206-399-3070 or email:


Kristy Woodhouse- Mixed Media-Kristy Arts

Kristy Woodhouse’s canvases fall from the sky. Mother Nature creates the leaves, and Kristy paints detailed images on them. Like looking through a window into Mother Nature’s soul, her work features landscapes, wildlife, people and animals. She accepts commissions and has painted a wide variety of subjects.


Jerry/Marshall Locke- Medium- Stone- Walls that Rock

Welcome to Mountain Sculpture Studios We create a variety of sculptures that will carry your spirit into the mountains. Each item is hand crafted from a variety of stones including calcite, slate, travertine, marble, jasper, chrysocolla and many more from around the world. We are excited to be in galleries and shops coast to coast …


Marshall locke

Kate Kilpatrick: Painting:

Using America’s greatest ingenuity–the automobile, my canvas presents an educational journey through moments in time. I paint in oil exercising a graffiti underpainting on canvas with an eye to the beauty of the vehicle and a nod to our great history.



Derrick Crossland- Medium- Wood- Derrick Crossland

Pushing the limits between reality and illusion and bending the rules to chase his imagination, Crossland endeavors to create deception with his ribbon like sculptures which magically seem to be bent into shape.

An award winning Master sculptor, Crossland also prides himself in the mastery of illusion.


Jessica Wright- Medium- Acrylic painting-

Through the technique of gestural abstraction, Jessica Wright invites us into a world of enchantment: a world of forested landscapes that are sometimes burning and bright and other times shrouded in mist. Self-taught, Jess has been painting since the age 12. About four years ago she abandoned the brush—after more than 25 years of work—and hit upon a “throwing” technique that employs acrylics, chopsticks and, of late, her own hands. Her paintings come to life with color and texture—and an immediacy that produces an almost child-like state of wonder and awe in the viewer.


Jude Bischoff – Painting

California artist Jude Bischoff paints bold oil paintings on canvas in the style of Shoosh.

“Nature dances across my paintings like a fat bellied fish in a mountain stream. The rhythm and energy created when painting on site delivers to the viewer of my paintings a world of happiness and joy”.



Craig Terry- Mixed Media- Painting

Craig works in Mixed Medium using enamel paint and oxides on steel, canvas, and birch supports.

Craig terry's

Boubakary Konseimbo: Painting:

Mixed media natural pigments clay red rock acrylic oil pastel on canvas and wood pastels inspired from nature mostly movement


Cheryl Kabala-  Fiber:

Hand woven soft rayon boucle and Ric Rac scarves and shawls. Interlaced colorful threads inspired by desert Southwest. Fringe is hand twisted and knotted. Woven fabrics that are individually unique, durable and timeless. Demonstration of weaving techniques with loom at the booth during the show.


Cheryl kabala

R.T. Custer- Jewelry

We salvage and restore antique American pocket watches turning them into one-of-a-kind wristwatches. Each preserved piece of American history tells a beautiful story of a literal time past.


R.T. Custer

Stephen Schubert: Painting

I paint exquisitely deep looking abstracts with acrylic and resin coating the work numerous times in between paint layers to create dimension, energy and interest.

Stephen Schubert

Gene Chambers: Painting:

A classic car, the romance of days gone by and the scent of fresh paint on a well-worn brush – that’s the essence of life.
The power and grace you see in my artwork is reflective of vintage transportation and the custom car culture of the 50s and 60s.



Meg Harper – Mixed Media

Various upcycled materials are prepared for painting with a 6 step preparatory process, then sealed with a UV protectant. All paintings on metal are suitable for outdoor use. Painted with high vibrational colors using organic shapes and patterns.


Harper Meg

Beth Houts- Photography

I recycle and refurbish vintage items, like windows for an artist made frame. I print my images of wild animals on canvas and hand stretch the canvas to the item to make a complete unique, one of a kind piece.



Beth Houts

Bert Poling: Mixed Media

I find inspiration in the natural world — wood and stone in particular. I create vessels that are simple in form yet finely detailed. I frequently work with materials that exhibit defects as a result of their natural environment and do inlay work with a variety of minerals as well as pyrography.

Website :

Bert Poling

Mark Mahorney- Two-Dimensional (2D)

Bas-relief wood carvings on professionally constructed charred wood panels, and permanently sealed.


Mark Mahorney

Jeff Leedy- Mixed Media

I use acrylics and oil pastel in my mixed media paintings. Acrylics gives me texture and color flexibility while oil pastel gives me smoothness and painted effects.


Jeff Leedy

Randall Case: Painting

During 25 years as a gallery artist, I have honed my talents with traditional soft pastels on cold press paper. I have also developed a unique process and style created through the use of oil pastel “drawing” over oil washes on canvas.


Randall Case


BLACKBIRD AND THE SNOW fine jewelry is an ode to the natural world; the pieces express a connection to the wilderness and a desire to immortalize elements -birds, insects, wings, stars, moons – that serve as the living, elemental poetry of our world. Each talisman is meticulously handcrafted from 14k gold and precious stones, using pre-industrial techniques.  

Featured on the cover of Vogue as well as Elle, Vogue Italia and W, among other luxury publications, internationally.



A Marie- Juliette Bird

Katie Saville- Painting

All artwork is original oil painting on gallery stretched canvas. Most pieces are larger, ranging from 36×36- 48×72″. Heavy palette knife allows for extreme texture and color in each painting. Each picture uses museum grade materials, and comes with signature brush and certificate of authenticity.


Katie Saville

Laurie Hansen- Fiber

A unique design/technique with elastic thread sewn throughout soft fabric creates a puckering stretchable fabric, trapping air for warmth and creating a rich texture for home decor. One goal of the designers is achieved as these handmade throws & cocoons comfort and “hug” the user, calming anxiety.


Laurie Hansen

Udy Edet- Painting

I emphasize the female form and ephemeral landscapes to evoke contemplation, revelation, or solace. My work is primarily in oils, but I also have used watercolors and alcohol ink. The canvases evoke the mystery of an ephemeral moment and a search for beauty.


Udy Edet

Raymond Goodluck – Painting

Oil and acrylic paintings using palette knives and paint brushes only with texture. Painting from portraits, realism, landscapes, animals, birds , and abstracts. With some contemporary background. From cool, warm and vibrant colors plus black and white.


Ramond Goodluck

Sandy Maguire – Mixed Media

This totally unique expression of fine art is created entirely of wood! A process developed by the artist, each art piece is hand painted, glazed and fired in a kiln. Other elements create texture and balance. With some pieces having over 180 individual pieces of wood, no two pieces can be alike.



Sandy Maguire

Brent Given-Sculpture

Limited edition wildlife bronze sculptures utilizing the lost wax method.


Brent Given

Travis Lemons – Welding

Welding is a passion I have had for years. I sculpt by using rocks, copper, and recycled metal. My goal is to make creations that are interesting and one-of-a-kind. Each piece is unique in its own way. I put my heart and soul into each piece by showing as much detail as I can.



Travis Lemons

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